Height: 6 ft.  Weight: 235 lbs.    Eyes: Brown     Hair: Grey


Christmas with Holly Father of the Bride      Hallmark Television
Picnicface  (episode 7)            Celebrity Comedy Network
Haven  (# 103) Elvis (Principal) Showcase Canada
Call Me Fitz (# 107) Submissive (Principal) HBO Canada
Moby Dick Auctioneer (Principal) TeleMunchen 
Living Halifax Halifacts Contributor CBC Television
No Remorse: Jesse Stone        Passerby

CBS Television

Sea Wolf  (mini-series) Dialogue Coach TeleMunchen
Secret World of Og Sheriff Og (Principal) CBC Television
Beach Girls  (mini-series) Fruit Seller Lifetime Network
Shattered City Sergeant          CBS Television
Trudeau Years Charlie Owens (Principal) CBC Television
Town Without Christmas Various Roles CBC Television
A Glimpse of Hell Base Commander HBO Television
Emily of New Moon II Surveyor (Principal) CBC Televisio
Cathy Jones Gets A Special     Police Sergeant CBC Teleivsion
Black Harbour Frank Turner CBC Television
Street Cents Various Roles CBC Television
Lexx (The Dark Zone) Eco-Tourist/Cleric     

ATV Television


Countdown to Liquor Day: TPB           Senior Drunken Cop Dir: Mike Clattenburg
Snow Angels Dialect Coach Dir. David Gordon Green
Touch and Go Kenneth  (Theatre Owner) Dir: Scott Simpson
Beefcake Arthur Bob  (Principal) Dir. Thom Fitzgerald
Love and Death on Long Island Diner Patron

Dir: R. Kwietniowski


Alpine Beer (Figuring) Voicerover Extreme Group
Atlantic Lotto (Geosweep) Flag Raiser 

Hawk Communications

NS Tourism (Halifax Urban) Businessman Colour Agency
Bell Aliant (Winter Olympics) Curling Fan RPM Productions
Right the Future (Health)         Voiceover    RPM Productions
Atlantic Lottery Corporation     Winning Ticket Holder Egg Films
Italian Wine Festival Lighthouse Keeper RPM Productions
Mic Mac Mall Christmas Shopping Egg Films
Nova Scotia Tourism Husband (and Wife) RPM Productions
Pizza Delight Announcer Egg Films
Atlantic Lottery Corporation Storekeeper RPM Productions
Aliant (Here. For You) Clive (Lab Manager) Extreme Group
Atlantic Film Festival Janitor

Extreme Group

Aliant  Man Breathing into Bag Cossette Commun.
Bank of Montreal                    Man Holding Sign

Vickers and Benson

Majestic Paper Family Man Corporate Commun.
VG Foundation Winning Ticket Holder ATV Television

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